Moon Card Deck

Moon Card Deck



You can use these cards in the morning to start the day, and in the evening to bless your dream time. The cards can be given as gifts, can be refrigerator art, can be laminated to use as coasters for small glasses. You may want to ask them questions and pull a card or two intuitively to find some clue into the heart of your inquiry.

Hold your inquiry or the matter at hand focused in your mind as you shuffle and handle the cards. Then, chose one of these options to guide your reading:

  • Pull one card— Reflect on the image and if you are called, read the description in the book.
  • Pull two cards— One for insight into the matter at hand, one for tools that can help with the matter.
  • Pull three cards— One for the past, present and future in regards to what you most want to know.

You can pull a card before falling asleep to guide your dream time. Upon waking, recall your dreams, look to the card you picked to bring insight.

When waking, pull a card to begin your day and bring attention to synchronicities throughout your day.

On the new moon: 

Reflect on the past moon cycle. What are things you would like to let go of? Pick a card to elucidate what needs release. Sit with that. Take a moment to reflect on what you would like to bring in and focus on in the coming moon cycle, as the moon becomes bigger. What do you want to grow bigger in your life? What do you want to get started on? Pick a card for that intention.

On the full moon: 

What big dreams do you have? What would you like to manifest? What needs to be closed in order for something else to begin? Pick a card to guide that intention. Make a wish! Put the card under your pillow. This is a turning point, a chance to move things in a new direction.

However you use the cards, they were made to open up the sweetness of the moon’s turning. Their sometimes-audacious learning isn’t meant to obscure the mystery of life but instead enliven its complexity in your heart, and move you closer to its most authentic desires.

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