Little Amps Instant Coffee

Little Amps Instant Coffee


Great for camping!  Includes 6 packets.  Each packet makes 8oz of coffee.

You can make it a few different ways- hot water, ice water (using 4oz ice and 4oz cold water, shaken up) or soda water.  It's super versatile, but remember the colder the liquid is the harder you'll have to work to dissolve it.

After Little Amps from Harrisburg, PA sources amazing coffee and roasts it, they ship it to Swift Cup where it is then carefully extracted in concentrated form in individual doses, clarified to remove undissolved solids, and then slowly freeze dried to preserve those delicate nuances. It takes approximately 50 hours to produces 1 sachet of instant coffee before packaging. 26.5g of roasted coffee used per sachet. 

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